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City Data:

Males: 1,20641.95%
Females: 1,66958.05%
Median Resident Age50 years
Average Household Size2.2 people
Median Household Income$45,112
Median House Value$117,900
Median Gross Rent$580

Welcome to Eufaula, OK!

Eufaula, Oklahoma, the county seat of McIntosh County and former Record Town for Recording District No. 12 in Indian Territory, is located 12 miles south of Interstate 40 at the junction of US Highway 69 and Oklahoma State Hwy 9.

Just one-half mile east of Eufaula was the site of North Fork Town, settled by the Creek Indians shortly after their arrival in this area in 1836. The Texas Road and a branch of the California Road crossed at North Fork Town, making it a center of traffic. This important tribal community played host to the treaty made between the Confederates and Creek, Choctaw, and Chickasaw Nations in 1861. North Fork Town is now covered by Lake Eufaula.

Lake Eufaula is the largest lake located entirely in the state of Oklahoma. With over 600 miles of shoreline and 102,000 surface acres, Eufaula offers a variety of recreational opportunities for everyone. The shoreline ranges from vast expanses of sandy beaches to rocky bluffs.

Much of the colorful history of this area; Indian life, Outlaw gangs, and Civil War battles still remain for visitors to see. The Battle of Honey Springs, the largest and most important of the battles fought during the Civil War in Oklahoma, took place July 17,1863 on a site 3 1/2 miles northeast of Checotah, Oklahoma.

Belle Starr ”Queen of the Bandits”, the most famous woman outlaw, lived and is buried about 15 miles east of Eufaula. Belle made her home in this region from 1873 to 1888. Here also was the hideout of her gang, and at times of the Younger brothers and Jessie and Frank James. Belle’s grave is located in a bend of the Canadian River, just downstream and northeast of the Eufaula Dam. A cave, a canyon, and other historical sites are named for her around the area.

One of the most famous landmarks of the area has vanished beneath the waters of Lake Eufaula. Standing Rock, which stood 63 feet above the waters of the Canadian River five miles east of Eufaula, was noted as a fishing spot by early-day settlers. Standing Rock was first recorded on papers of early-day Spanish explorers. Norse runes carved on the rock were believed by some to have pointed to the location of buried treasure.

The City of Eufaula is situated around the beautiful Eufaula Cove. This is the gateway to many outdoor activities such as camping, boating, water skiing, and of course fishing. The lake is full of largemouth bass, sand bass, crappie, and catfish and is host to many fishing tournaments throughout the year.

If you are looking for wildlife and scenery, look no further. The area has an abundance of Whitetail deer, wild turkey, and is a bird watcher’s paradise.

Our city is definitely on the move. Whether you enjoy the outdoors, unique one-of-a-kind restaurants, antique shops, craft stores, or art galleries, we think you will find it here. And you won’t miss the best feature of our community: no matter where you go in town, you will be greeted with warm, friendly, and genuine hometown hospitality not found in many places!

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